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VPP scaling - Issue with text quality



We are facing an issue with scaling. Will you please help us resolve this?

We are using VPP module of Intel Media SDK 2016 for scaling.
Sample app attached is scaling video from 720x480 to 720x576. There is no Frame rate conversion.

After scaling, quality of text in the video is not acceptable. It looks like broken.

Attaching tar file for your reference.

Attachment contains the following:

1. simple_vpp.cpp - This is sample app .

compilation command is

g++ -o ../_build/simple_vpp src/simple_vpp.cpp ../common/common_utils.cpp ../common/common_utils_linux.cpp ../common/common_vaapi.cpp ../common/cmd_options.cpp -I/usr/local/include -I../common -I/opt/intel/mediasdk/include  -L/opt/intel/mediasdk/lib/lin_x64 -lmfx -lva -lva-drm -lpthread -lrt -ldl

Usage is :
./simple_vpp -hw -g 720x480 ORG_720x480.yuv SCALED_720x576.yuv

2. ORG_720x480.yuv - Original YUV before scaling.

3. SCALED_720x576.yuv - YUV generated after scaling

The media files attached here are confidential and should not be shared.

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