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h264 : restrictions on resolution


Are their any restriction imposed on encoder input/output resolution?

I was using DirectShow  encoder filter that is included into Media SDK installer. Looks like hardware encoder doesn't work when picture height isn't a multiple of 32. This means that I can't encode 720x1280 video without rescaling. Input to encoder is in RGB32 format and comes from a screen capture filter.

I did run tests on Ivy bridge i5 PC with Quick Sync enabled.



Thank you.

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I'm not an expert on the DirectShow filters so others may be able to help more with getting this working.  Just passing on the limited info I have in case it might help.

The Media SDK encoder itself requires width and height to be a multiple of 16 for progressive.  For interlaced/field encoding width must be a multiple of 16 but height must be a multiple of 32.  There may be additional simplifications/limitations for the directshow samples.  As you' may have already seen, the directshow filters included with Media SDK are intended as samples to help you get started, not as production-ready components.  



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