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ocl_media_sdk_interop sample code understanding



I am new to C++. I am going through MEDIA framework of intel which is provided as sample code of ocl_media_sdk_interop.

There are few parts of code which I am not able to understand properly.

Why the line 

        if(m_Tasks[m_TaskIndex].m_pDecodeOutSurface && m_Tasks[m_TaskIndex].m_pDecodeOutSurface->Data.Locked)
        if(m_Tasks[m_TaskIndex].m_pOCLOutSurface && m_Tasks[m_TaskIndex].m_pOCLOutSurface->Data.Locked)

in mfxStatus CDecodingPipeline::DecodeOneFrame(int Width, int Height, IDirect3DSurface9 *pDstSurface, IDirect3DDevice9* pd3dDevice) function is being used? What is exactly the purpose of _InterlockedDecrement16((short*)&m_Tasks[m_TaskIndex].m_pDecodeOutSurface->Data.Locked); ?

In this sample code how would I get to know that the output on screen shown is decoder output or openCL output?

What considerations should I take while integrating the encoder in this workspace?


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