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Max 10 ADC: Nios stuck at endless loop in alt_irq_handler()

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I'm trying to get ADC to run with Deca Max 10 Evaluation board. When debugging the program in Nios, it appears to get stuck in the alt_irq_handler() function. 


active = alt_irq_pending (); do { i = 0; mask = 1; /* * Test each bit in turn looking for an active interrupt. Once one is * found, the interrupt handler asigned by a call to alt_irq_register() is * called to clear the interrupt condition. */ do { if (active & mask) { # ifdef ALT_ENHANCED_INTERRUPT_API_PRESENT alt_irq.handler(alt_irq.context); # else alt_irq.handler(alt_irq.context, i); # endif break; } mask <<= 1; i++; } while (1); active = alt_irq_pending (); } while (active);# endif /* ALT_CI_INTERRUPT_VECTOR */ 


I have no clue why it's stuck here???? Following is my simple code for reading ADC in main() function and attached file is the Qsys configuration. 


int count = 0; alt_u32 adc_data; /* Initialize adc */ adc_stop(ADC_SEQUENCER_CSR_BASE); adc_interrupt_disable(ADC_SEQUENCER_CSR_BASE); // Disable interrupt adc_clear_interrupt_status(ADC_SEQUENCER_CSR_BASE); adc_set_mode_run_continuously(ADC_SEQUENCER_CSR_BASE); // Set ADC run mode adc_start(ADC_SEQUENCER_CSR_BASE); // start sampling for(alt_u32 sampleCnt=0; sampleCnt<100; sampleCnt++) // read 1000 samples { alt_adc_word_read(ADC_SAMPLE_STORE_CSR_BASE, adc_data, ADC_SAMPLE_STORE_CSR_CSD_LENGTH); count++; } adc_stop(ADC_SEQUENCER_CSR_BASE); // Stop ADC sampling while (1);  


Any help would be really appreciated. 

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