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Number of FPGA cores used in design

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I have an Arria 10 FPGA that I've been working on. 


After compiling my kernel with Altera Offline Compiler, I want to see the number of cores the design (aocx file) uses on the FPGA. How can I see such information? 


Also I want to see if the FPGA uses Floating Point Multipliers (and how many of them) or using its standart logic gates. 


Sorry if I am asking the question in the wrong board.  


Please help. 


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I think you meant to put this in the OpenCL forum. 


I'm not sure what you mean by an "FPGA core". Do you mean cores in an ARM processor? Are you using the ARM processor as your OpenCL host? 


As far as resource use, aoc generates a number of reports on the resources that will be used in the FPGA. I think they're in a folder named after the kernel(s) you compile with the tool.
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