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ACP issue with Arria 10 device in linux.

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Because HPS in Arria-10 is different to old devices, So have to open a new thread. 



commit 60fd5d498abedaee238effc63af806453bd87836 

Author: Matthew Gerlach <

Date: Tue Jul 14 18:14:59 2015 -0700 





current status: 


  1. The rtl code and linux device driver work fine without enable dma-coherent. 

  2. SMP bit set to 1 in ACTLR register, and the linux also SMP enabled, SCU enabled also set. 

  3. page set to cached, and shared. 

  4. dma-coherent flag in device tree with the device. 

  5. aruser set to 0x1f, arcache set to 0xf, arprot set to 1. 








- 0xEE500000 | Section | | SP:0x2E500000 | NS=0, nG=0, S=1, AP=0x1, TEX=0x1, Domain=0, XN=1, C=1, B=1, PXN=0 





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