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AN458 Alternative Nios II Boot Methods doesn't work with Quartus Lite toolsuite

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I would like to share what I have experienced with AN458. 

It used to work with the older Quartus versions, but since Quartus Lite it doesn't work any more. 

I don't know the exact reason but file must be modified: this code section must be commented: 


conv -d $fake_copier ; 


# check for errors 


if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then 

echo "" 

echo "error: trying to convert the file $fake_copier to dos format." 

echo "" 

echo "deleting file $fake_copier, and $tmp0_outfile_elf and exiting!" 

echo "" 

rm -f $fake_copier; 

rm -f $tmp0_outfile_elf; 

exit 1; 



it used to transform the LF (Line Feed) into CR LF (Carriage Return + Line Feed)
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