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Add arrow's opencl data in rootfs

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Hi, Sir<br> 

I want to add arrow's opencl data in rootfs and build image.<br> 

(arrpw's opencl data is arrow-1.0.tar.gz.)<br> 

But it's still fail.<br> 

Here is my .bb file. Please teach me how to do it.<br> 


SUMMARY = "Arrow example"<br> 

DESCRIPTION = "Arrow example"<br> 

SECTION = "example"<br> 

LICENSE = "GPLv2"<br> 

LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://;md5=d2516439455d80030289a8c11bf79c5a"<br> 


PR = "r0"<br> 




def compress_pkg(d):<br> 

if "compress_doc" in (d.getVar("INHERIT", True) or "").split():<br> 

compress = d.getVar("DOC_COMPRESS", True)<br> 

if compress == "gz":<br> 

return "gzip"<br> 

elif compress == "bz2":<br> 

return "bzip2"<br> 

elif compress == "xz":<br> 

return "xz"<br> 

return ""<br> 


RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${@compress_pkg(d)}"<br> 


SRC_URI = "file://${BP}.tar.gz"<br> 


SRC_URI[md5sum] = "025e00e90a92ecb86349ca8f4fd39551"<br> 



&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mkdir -p ${D}/home/root<br> 

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;cp ${WORKDIR}/${BP}/ ${D}/home/root<br> 

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mkdir -p ${D}/home/root/arrow_aocl<br> 

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;cp -r ${WORKDIR}/${BP}/arrow_aocl/* ${D}/home/root/arrow_aocl<br> 

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mkdir -p ${D}/home/root/opencl_arm32_rte<br> 

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;cp -r ${WORKDIR}/${BP}/opencl_arm32_rte/* ${D}/home/root/opencl_arm32_rte<br> 



FILES_${PN} += "${D}/home/root/ ${D}/home/root/arrow_aocl ${D}/home/root/opencl_arm32_rte"<br> 


Thank you.
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Honored Contributor II

You really need some better information here before we can help 


1) What errors do you get? does the error occur on build, or another time? 

2) You show a LIC_FIL of the init script, and also have your SRC_URI near the middle of the recipe. That's a bit odd. You should use a different LICENSE type (COMMERCIAL, for example) 

3) Do you get errors?
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