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[Arrow SoCKit] Bootloading from image - Linux LXDE Desktop - Starting Kernel FAIL

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My board: SoCKit - the Development Kit for New SoC Device 

Rev: D 

SD Card: Kingston 16GB, 4 speed 


I have problem with bootloading 2 from 3 images from below website: 



Linux BSP (Board Support Package): MicroSD Card Image for revD 

- linux console -> Linux works OK. At the end of booloading I have(terminal UART): socfpga login: root 


- "linux console with framebuffer" - bootloading fail 

- linux lxde desktop - bootloading fail 


Last two images fail in the same place during bootloading. Last command in terminal was: 


"Starting kernel ..." 


Full log in attachments. 

Does somebody has similar problem? What is the reason that original image does not work correctly? 


Thank you in advance for your help. 



Root cause: 

There if different configuration MSEL[0:4] for particular images. 



linux console ->MSEL[0:4] = 01010 (Fast Passive Parallel (FPP) x32 compressed mode) 

linux console with framebuffer -> MSEL[0:4] = 00000 (Fast Passive Parallel (FPP) x16 uncompressed mode). 

"linux lxde desktop" -> MSEL[0:4] = 00000 (Fast Passive Parallel (FPP) x16 uncompressed mode). 



There is little confusion on according to configuration Arrow SoCKit board for particular image. Both articles was created in the same time with similar titles and on terasic website there is no direct information haw to configure board for particular image. 


First link: 

Second link:
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