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Arrow Sockit boot from qspi problem

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I'm working with a custom board Arrow Sockit, my current goal is just booting from QSPI Flash and receive something through serial console. 

At this moment I uploaded the preloader-mkpimage.bin generated by the bsp-editor, but when board is resetted nothing appears in serial console. 


The process followed was (according to 


1. Compile the GHRD as described in Compiling the Hardware Design to obtain the handoff folder. 


2. In bsp-editor options "BOOT_FROM_QSPI" was checked, "QSPI_NEXT_BOOT_IMAGE"=0x60000. After that File-> Save, and Generate. 


3. Then "SoC EDS Command Shell" in ".../software/spl_bsp" and executed "make" command. 


4. Build U-boot from the Yocto package, edit the file "build.h" to use QSPI instead on SD/MMC. Recompile the u-boot. 


5. Create DTB file soc_system.dtb with 3 partitions, update the dtb on the DOS partition on the SD card, boot Linux: 


root@arrow_sockit:~# cat /proc/mtd  

dev: size erasesize name  

mtd0: 00800000 00010000 "Flash 0 Raw Data"  

mtd1: 01000000 00010000 "Flash 1 jffs2 Filesystem"  

mtd2: 00800000 00010000 "FPGA Image"  



6. Write the files (preloader-mkpimage.bin, u-boot-socfpga_cyclone5-1.0-r0.img, soc_system.dtb) to the SD card DOS partition, in a new folder named qspi_files. Run "flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 0" and transfer the preloader and the u-boot to QSPI Flash memory board to address 0x000000 "preloader-mkpimage.bin", 0x50000 "soc_system.dtb" and 0x60000 "u-boot-socfpga_cyclone5-1.0-r0.img". 



7.Configure board to boot from QSPI (BootSEL=111), restart the board with a serial terminal (115200bps 8-N-1 configuration with No flow control) and nothing appears.
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