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Atlas-SoC/DE0-Nano-SoC, RT_PREEMPT and Python Support

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We're building a prototype based around this board. I'll need some deterministic timing for part of it (how much is unclear at this point) and I'd like to use Python to control the slower work. 


On the Rocketboard website I choose "Start" and it leads me to instructions for building the Angstrom kernel, bootloader, and filesystem. 


If I choose "Code" on that same site it leads me to the altera open source ( repositories on Github which look more promising. I can see RT options for 3.10 and 4.1 of the kernel. The piece that seems to be missing is support for this specific board. Can someone point me in the right direction to build the kernel, bootloader, and the filesystem (with Python) starting with this code? 


As I'm writing this I'm wondering if perhaps the key is take a look at the Rocketboards script and adjust by cloning the RT branch that I'd like to use? 




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