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C++ Hello World Linux App for the Altera Cyclone V SoC

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I'm an Altera EDS newbie trying to figure out the relationship between the Eclipse IDE, projects, and Makefiles. Does Eclipse maintain the Makefiles, based on the project info entered into the IDE? This is my experience with most embedded tool IDEs I've used recently (e.g. IAR). They provide the makefile functionality if you construct your project in the IDE correctly - there is no makefile per se, but of course the IDE will generate one for you. I see where the Eclipse IDE has a Makefile/project wizard, but it doesn't generate what I thought it would. 


My overall goal is to port the C++ code from my present IAR environment to the Altera/ARM EDS Cyclone V. I want to develop this code as a Linux App. To start I've successfully compiled and debugged on my Altera Cyclone V SoC DevKit the Hello World C example project, and created other C Linux apps based on it. So now I want to transition to developing C++ Linux apps. I tried the File >> New >> C++ project Eclipse IDE wizard and selected the Hello World C++ Project. That created a rather anemic makefile, compared to the C example project's makefile. Plus it allowed only the Cygwin toolchain - I need the ARM toolchain. 


I searched the examples provided with the EDS for a C++ project to provide and found gnometris. Unfortunately that does not build without some additional downloads and massaging of the project.  


So I have two questions: 1) Does Eclipse maintain the makefiles and ensure they stay in sync with the project files, and 2) is there a simple C++ project somewhere I can build and debug on the SoC DevKit? 


Suggested reading also very welcome. 




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