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C++ and nios/e

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Hello guys,  

I wonder if NIOS/e core supports C++ mode.  

My system is OK until I add a class and run the class constructor.  

System hangs and loop around in this  


--- Quote Start ---  


else { 



# else 


# endif /* NIOS2_HAS_DEBUG_STUB */ 


--- Quote End ---  


Tracing assembly code  


it leads to the alt_main function but the memory content is all 0xFFFFFFFs  


I'm not sure what's happening here. Never debugged at this level before. 


As soon as I remove the object instantiation. It runs. 

It boots from onchip flash then the bootcopier jumps to the .text which should be located in SDRAM 


Any hint would be really appreciated. Thanks 

A separate application that runs mem test reports memory is OK.
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If I download the elf directly with the GDB debugger it works ...

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Further testing shows that this is likely User Flash Memory issue of my MAX10 bemicro kit.  

Moving from SDRAM to Onchip RAM shows the same result of all FFs in part of the text memory.  

Luckily i have another board and everything seems ok. it runs. No problem.  


Previously on the bad board, I already had some weird issue but didn't trace to the bottom of it. When I put my reset vector to the first sector of the UFM, the boot copier couldn't load the application. It got stuck half way when it reads an all F boot record header.  

When I put the reset vector to an offset of 16kB into the UFM then it worked. Then I moved on.  

Now, when the code grows larger, it stops working again.  


So, on the bad board, there are sectors of FLASH that can't be written to by the Quartus PROGRAMMER tool ... Be ware! 

The kit is fitted with MAX10 10M08DA...ES 

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