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Can altera rozip_fs act on EPCS?

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Hi all, i need your help for this: 

I'm trying to run a web server on a system running ucOSII on a CIII FPGA which instaties NIOSII+ EPCS controller. I followed the web server template provided by NIOS SBT. By default the template expect that a flash memory is connected to the system but not an EPCS trough the controller. I passed trough the problems regarding the storage int he EPCS, this means I'm sure that it is stored were I wanted to (offset 0x400000 in a EPCS64). The problem is that when the web server task tries to look for a file trough fopen(), it doesn't succed. I thought rozips driver must be changed to access EPCS, and tried to do so modifying "read_word()" and "read_half_word()" functions in <bsp>/drivers/src/alt_ro_zipfs. It didn't have any effect, but It seems to me that that driver is not used at run-time. I mean that putting some printf() in "read_word()" e "read_half_word()" anything is printed to the console.  

I would ask you to help to understand so I have some questions: 

1) Is it possible that the OS uses a different code to access rozips except from "altera_ro_zipfs.c" ? 

2) Is it possible that at runtime executing "altera_ro_zip_fs.c" driver fuctions like printf() or other driver like "altera_avalon_epcs_flash_comtroller.c" accesses are ignored or deprecated or I don't know what but for sure not correctly executed? 

Thanks a lot to every one for any advise.
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