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Can't Set Project Name in NIOS-II Hardware Debug Configuration

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Hello All,

When setting up the debug configuration for a NIOS-II project (compiles file, project has a name...) - I can't make the Project Name drop down box on the debug configuration fill with anything. I've tried up/down arrow, tab, etc. The elf file is ok (set that manually), the USB Blaster is recognized; if I do a jtagconfig -n it shows the USB-Blaster and NIOS-II cores; so all of that looks good.

But the debugger is never enabled because I can't set the project name.

I've read all I can find; other than having a valid project that builds OK - I can't find anything in the docs that immediately addresses difficulty in setting the Project Name for a NIOS-II Hardware debug configuration.

Thanks In Advance,

John W.

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Hi, which version you are using? the latest is 18.1.
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Quartus version is


I've resolved that problem - was pointing to the wrong directory.


Now - I can seem to get the jtagserver to start. jtagserver --install seemed to work (running as admin) - but jtagserver --start times out.


Running the diag tool for the cyc1000 board:


Arrow USB Programmer2 Diagnostic Program V1.1


Reading version info.

- Operating system version number is 10.0.17763.

- Quartus version is


Searching programmer hardware.

- Arrow USB Programmer2 AR2E3I3D found.

- Successful.


Reading registry entries for programmer DLL.

- Successful. TCK frequency is 20.000.000 Hz.


Searching programmer DLL.

- Successful. Programmer DLL installed properly.


Checking Altera JTAG server service.

- JTAG Server is installed but not running.

- Error. Wait timed out after sending start request.


Reading registry entries for FTDI driver configuration settings.

- Successful. FTDI driver configuration settings are OK.


Total errors: 1

Hit any key to exit program.


Any clues on this?



John W.


Thanks John, Now I consider this issue closed.
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