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Capture frame from Avalon-ST video using NIOS II Processor

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I have developed a complete video path (input video format: PAL, and this input PAL video is displayed on the VGA monitor). In this task, my development board is DE2i-150 with Cyclone IV GX series FGPA. I have also successfully configured NIOS II processor with working push-buttons and LEDs are blinking accordingly.  


:( Now, I want to capture a frame from Avalon-ST video in NIOS II processor. This frame is required for some video processing task. I spent a lot of time to achieve this task but till now, I am unsuccessful. However, this task might be simple for one who has achieved it.  


Can somebody help me out this situation? That is, how I can capture a frame from Avalon-ST video in NIOS II processor. Further, how this captured frame can be transformed into video.  


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You can do something like use the Frame Buffer IP to get the frame data written to memory, and the Frame Reader to inject the results. 


You can also probably accomplish what you would like to do using the SGDMA. 


I'm not aware of an example that walks you through either of these approaches, however. 


Probably the simplest thing to get started with would be just inserting the Frame Buffer in your existing video pipeline and start peeking at the data from NIOS.
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