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Change STDOUT dynamically amongst UART RS232 and JTAG UART in C program

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I have a UART(RS232 serial port) IP and a JTAG UART IP in my QSYS system. (UART RS232 is not the one by UP) 

In BSP editor, I get an option to select either of that as the STDOUT. What if I want to change STDOUT dynamically in C. 

Like if I select JTAG UART as STDOUT and I do printf, it sends on NIOSII console. What if I want to have one more printf and that should sent to UART(RS232 serial port). 


Any help will be appreciated.
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Also whats difference between UART (RS232 Serial Port) and Altera 16550 Compatible UART IP ?? 

Anyone having any experience with this, please respond.
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