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Connect Pixelbuffer and Charbuffer with Alpha Blender-char buffer no output

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I try to connect the pixelbuffer and the charbuffer by using the alpha blender, to display something on my tft. 

If I am programming in Nios and give Pixelbuffer some Data, everything is fine, but it seems to be that char-buffer is not working. (I see no Characters on the screen) 

Has anybody an idea?  

(I used the media pc and got the same result...) 




example code:# include <stdio.h># include <altera_up_sd_card_avalon_interface.h># include "system.h"# include <altera_up_avalon_video_pixel_buffer_dma.h> 

//#include "altera_avalon_pio_regs.h"# include "math.h"# include "system.h"# include "altera_avalon_pio_regs.h"# include "altera_up_avalon_video_character_buffer_with_dma.h"# include "altera_up_avalon_video_character_buffer_with_dma_regs.h" 

int main (){ 


alt_up_pixel_buffer_dma_dev *pixel_buffer=NULL; 

alt_up_char_buffer_dev *char_buffer=NULL; 

int er=0; 

int count=0; 

int color=240; 

double delay=0; 

int a=0; 

int x=0; 

int y=0; 


char_buffer=alt_up_char_buffer_open_dev("/dev/video_character_buffer_with_dma_0") ; 

if(char_buffer==NULL) printf("Wrong Device!"); 

if(char_buffer!=NULL) printf("Right Device!"); 




alt_up_pixel_buffer_dma_draw_box (pixel_buffer, 0, 0, 319, 239, 200,  


return 0; 

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