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Creating a collection of preverified NIOS systems

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I've created a project for myself :D that will make a collection of NIOS system so that people who are familiar with other micro controllers can quickly explore and use FPGA-based uC such as NIOS.  

I'm hosting it here: (

I envision that the target audience would be 

+ Someone who is familiar with C/C++ development but the conventional microcontroller kits such as Arduino/PIC/AVR are not flexible/powerful enough for them. This maker then can get a small FPGA kit, download a suitable architecture from the repository and then customize it to suit her own project. 

+ Someone who are familiar with C/C++/AVR development and want to start learning VHDL/Verilog. My experience shows that, interesting products often include customized FPGA fabric, but at the center of the system is still a microcontroller core. 

+ Makers who just want to quickly bring things together and prototype their ideas. 


I like the MAX10 device and believe this device could be really popular in hobbyists world, if the difficult part of doing FPGA embedded system (such as setting up of the hardware, making connections, verifying timing ... etc) has been done (mostly). 


Please join me if you think this is fun and worth doing. 



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