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Data not receive in RXDATA Register?

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I am using NIOS-II for establish serial commnication (RS-232). In SOPC builder UART Core is configured as small version (CTS/RTS is disable). 

I am successfully transfer character from Custom FPGA board to hyperterminal, but can not receive data in rxdata register from hyperterminal using polling method. Also RRDY bit of STATUS Register is not Set after send data from hyperterminal. 


HyperTerminal settings: 

Bit rate : 9600 bps 

Bit : 7 

Stop bit : 1 

Parity : None 

Control : None 

Same setting is for UART Core. 


I am using Windows-7 32 bit OS, Quartus-II 9.1 SP2, NIOS-II 9.1 SP2 & USB to Serial cable.
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