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Device tree and sopc2dts issues

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Hi everybody!  

I'm working with Cyclone V SoC but I have some issues generating the device tree through sopc2dts. All preloader, u-boot image and script, rbf and dtb file are updated but it seems the dts missing some part (in particular the fpga2hps_sdram) that are in qsys structure and then in sopcinfo file. If I use the device tree generated by sopc2dts and I try to boot linux, it stucks on "Starting kernel". Instead, if I use the dtb from GSRD, linux starts but I can't write in DDR. Moreover, I set linux to use only 512 of 1024MB DDR through the u-boot script, but apparently this setting is ignored (when linux boots up thanks to GSRD dtb, I controlled the system RAM through "free -m" command and it was 1024MB instead of 512MB ). 

Some advise?
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