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EPCS64 and Nios II SBT, Error code:3

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I am using DE2-115 board and I would like to flash my board through flash programmer inside Nios II SBT for eclipse, I followed the instructions provided in the flash programmer user guide and I get Error code :3

what I did:

  1. I built my Qsys system with Legacy EPCS controller and payed attention to the reset port and made sure that Nios reset vector is set to the EPCS controller core base address, exported EPCS signals to the top level entity, then I generated the system.
  2. Hooked up EPCS pins through Pin Planer and made sure that all EPCS pins are set to regular I/O pins.
  3. Complied the system and install it through quartus programmer.
  4. In Nios SBT I launched flash programmer and added the .sopcinfo file then I added the .sof file, as a summary I did exactly as described in the user guide.

attached are screen shots of my Qsys system and Flash programmer.

Thanks in advanceUntitled.png1.png

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