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Eclipse doesn't recognize the hardware

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I am new to the Nios 2. I own a DE1 board and can't seem to get the "Nios 2 hardware development tutorial" to function. Here is the problem: 


when I run the Nios II 11.1 Software Build Tools for Eclipse, the last step reads:  


1. right-click the  

count_binary project, point to run as, and then click nios ii hardware. the nios ii sbt for eclipse downloads the program to the fpga on the target board and the program starts running.  


The nios 2 hardware feature is not present. Therefore I can't click it.  


I've also run a similar tutorial from Pong P. Chu's book and I have the exact same issue. 


This problem is causing me a lot of grief. Can someone please let me know what the solution is.  






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Try to install it and use it as administrator. 


Also you can do it by command line. Compile your project then change the directory to the .elf folder. 


type nios2-download -g FILE.elf; nios2-terminal 

and there it is
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