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Flashing files to NIOS-II board

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Hi all, 


I am experincing some problems trying to program the flash on the Microtronix Cyclone Dev. Board when using the NIOS-2 Kit. 


I have added the uncompressed file to the system library, and I am using the IDE's Flash Tool. 


"The read only file system mounted at /mnt/rozipfs will be written to flash (U20)" it states at the top of the flash tool window. 


The flash process starts and programs the Flash programmer SOF to the FPGA, then the filesystem should get transferred to the flash as well. But now I get the following error 



Programming the filing system filesys.flash into flash 

nios2-flash-programmer "--cable='USB-Blaster [USB-0]'"  





07-09-2004 11:41:11 - (INFO) nios2-flash-programmer: Launching Quartus Programmer to download: 


07-09-2004 11:41:15 - (SEVERE) nios2-flash-programmer: Flash file is too large to fit in flash memory 



"Flash file is too large..." - what.. the file is 126 bytes 


any ideas? 


best regards 

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Figured it out. 


There seems to be a bug in the IDE; when I configured the filesystem, I had to enter 0x400000 or higher as offset for the IDE to accept the value. I changed the offset from 0x400000 to 0x000000 in the system.stf file, now everything works, and the IDE seems to accept the values now.
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