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Get info on using Linux for a Custom Board

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I am planning to use linux in our custom board. I was able to get a 3c120 board and with the help of , was able to get it running linux. But I am stuck there without much information as to how to 


- Add a new board to the u-boot and kernel configuration files. And create the required boards  

- Create the header files. (I can create the dts file and the .h file) 

- associate generic drivers to the PIO (like LED/Button) and handling interrupts.  

- compile driver code and add it to the kernel building process. 


I saw this wiki post about creating something similar for uclinux, 


Is there anyone willing to shed some light?
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Hi eldos, 


The kernel part on the page you metioned in alterawiki (yes, I wrote it) is outdated. The sopc is now replaced with qsys. Though you may follow the hardware design. 


1. the kernel now use dts, so you don't need to create specific board code. You may use almost the same kernel config of 3c120. You will need to generate dts with sopc2dts. You will need to add the led and button driver binding to dts. 


2. search the wiki with "u-boot" keyword, I have some examples. You will need to use sopc2dts to generate u-boot headers. 



To continue..
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