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Grain on the LCD screen

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I'm a college student in biomedical engineering, and I'm working on a bachelor's thesis that summarizes the use of FPGA Altera in medicine. In one part of this thesis I need to revive LCD and show somethink on it. I found any examples on altera webpage and I'm trying to run example "picture_viewer", which is described in "Nios II system architect design tutorial".  


I'm using Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III edition and Quartus 11.0sp1. 


I'm beginner in this field, therefore I'd like to ask you few questions about programming problems. 



I tried to run this example project on my laptop, but there was error in Qsys generation. In attachment you can find error log from generation. I tried to solve this problem using internet and so on, but I didn't find solution. Do you know, what migh causing this problem?  

Then I tried do it in the same way on another PC and it works properly but that don't solve my problem, I need to use my laptop. 



When I used PC where the first error didn't occured, I have completed tutorial step by step and solve all errors which occured but displaying was wrong. In attachment is jpeg file called "picture_viewer_result" there you can see, what was on display. I was looking for any diferences between tutorial and my project and I found only one diference which I can't change. It is in Qsys in properties of Nios II processor, specifically in reset vector and exception vector. There are values which I can't rewrite. Look into attachments in jpeg file "Qsys_difference". Is it possible that it caused a problem with lcd? I think, those are very important values...  


Completed version of my project you can download here:  


Thank you for any advices, I would be grateful for your response as soon as possible. 


Best regards.
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