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Headless build for Nios II projects

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Hi there, 


We are trying to improve our build and test automation for our firmware team and get stuck on building Nios II projects. Is there a way to use .project and .cproject files as project configuration inputs, along with the source files, to create makefiles from command line, and then compile the whole project from command line to generate elf files? 


Any suggestions are appreciated. 



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You should be able to create the projects in Eclipse and then be able to use the generated makefile from the command line directly. 


I typically skip that and use the software build tools directly when I want to implement automation of generating make files and automating the software downloading/execution. If you want to see an example of what I'm describing, take a look at the Qsys tutorial design and look for a shell script under the software directory. That script generates the necessary application and BSP make files, compiles the software, downloads the hardware, downloads the software, and opens a terminal window. You might not need to do all those steps but it should be easy to grab the stuff you need from it.
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