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How can i add "touch" directive to nios2 makefile, in order to update __TIME__ and __DATE__ macros, using project properties window?


I'm trying to get __TIME__ and __DATE__ macros updated when i build my nios2 project, instead of changing or not a file (named this_file.c) date and/or time.


I read using "touch" directive (like "touch this_file.c") in makefile makes this work, but i want to modify my makefile using project properties of IDE Eclipse, instead of editing it by myself.


I will be very thanful for your help.



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You can access the makefile in the Eclipse Project Explorer view after you have created your project in the Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse framework. The software project is flexible: you can regenerate it if the system hardware changes, or modify it to add or remove functionality, or tune it for your particular system. You can also modify the BSP library file to include additional Intel-supplied software packages. But if you change the hardware system, you must recreate, update or regenerate the BSP project to keep the library header files up-to-date.


You can set makefile variables with the --set command-line option during configuration of the application project. The variables you can set include the pre- and post-processing settings BUILD_PRE_PROCESS and BUILD_POST_PROCESS to specify commands to be executed before and after building the application. Examine a generated application makefile to ensure you understand the current and default settings.


Please refer to this document ( Chapter (