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How do I get to first base building legacy code for NIOSII processor? Can I do build on unrelated linux PC?


I have lots of Xilinx experience but nearly zero Altera experience. Oops, maybe I should say Intel...


I have someone else's source code for a legacy project designed to run on an embedded linux processor on an Altera FPGA. It seems to be a "NIOSII Processor". I think I've found the correct sub-forum.


I would like to do a test build of the project in order to make sure I have a fully buildable copy of the source code. Must I do that test build on the actual embedded linux processor on the FPGA, or might I do that build on my own unrelated linux PC, like a cross-compile?



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As you say it is legacy design. I advise you to follow the normal procedure of downloading a cross compiler ex: from Linaro, the Linux you want to compile and compile all the required files (U-boot, RFS, Linux, and DTS). The Quartus will help you to get the system .sof file to configure the FPGA.


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