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How to Simulate "Top_Level" with several QSYS below?

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Hi All, 


I have a Top_Level.v design which includes several lower level QSYS generated subsystems. Each QSYS module generated all the simulation modules 

as well as the "msim_setup.tcl". I was able to simulate the lower level subsystems but now I want to do it at the Top_Level, for which I created a TB. 

I want to reuse the msim_setup.tcl of the lower modules and leave the .libraries where they are and only point to them from the top simulation directory. 

I want to minimize editing of the stuff generated by QSYS and simply reuse it all at the top. 


Can you guys suggest a directory structure and example of simple scripts that would travers down to each QSYS dir. , compile and then "elab" at the top- 

level including the TB?  


Thanks :)  


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