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How to access a NIOS II ALU instruction from an application code?

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This question might sound trivial, however since I am a beginner I am forced to ask this as well. 

How to call the NIOS II ALU ADD instruction from an application code in C which runs on NIOS II IDE? 

I searched in the manuals however could not find a good direction. 


add rC, rA, rB is the assembly instruction for it. (However I need a C equivalent) 

I see the HAL folder in the NIOS II which has many abstraction functions, so I was wondering are there any  

IO layer function equivalents which I can use for ADD (which goes and access the driver level functions) ? 

Or some macros (which are built during the entire build process). 


Please help me out here. 



Thank You, 

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Just use the "+" operator naturally in C. 


int add(int a, int b) 

return a+b; 

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