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How to can Qsys read from a memory used by a non-Qsys block?

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I am writing an JPEG image encoder, the basic idea is 

1. Data comes from camera, is debayered and stored in memory 

2. This pixel data is then read in 8x8 blocks, processed and result stored back into the same memory at an offset from the pixel data 

3. Data is read by Nios II and stored in an SD card 




The logic for steps 1 and 2 is autonomous i.e the processor does not play any significant role in it. The reason I even need a processor is that in order to store data in SD card, one needs a file system and thus a processor is indispensible. 

The basic question here is that, once I have stored the data in memory i.e SRAM or SDRAM by the main part of the design, how do I go about accessing it and storing it in SD card? i.e how to link the two parts of the design? Should the logic in 1 and 2 be in the Qsys system or it is ok for it to be outside it? 



I have considered a DMA but that is more difficult at this stage i.e using DMA to transfer for data write to SD card
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