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How to increase NIOS II Instruction Memory?

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I have a Nios II/e system running on a Cyclone V with 64000 bytes on-chip memory. It runs with no problems until I add an additional function call to my code. It doesn't seem to matter too much what the function call is or where it is located in the code but it causes the program to freeze after download from the Nios II Eclipse IDE. I eliminated several unused variables in the code and that allowed one additional function call before encountering the problem. 


I suspected that I didn't have enough on chip memory allocated. Running results in: text data bss dec hex filename 

54464 1004 3908 59376 e7f0 ../software/09EO2.elf 


I doubled the size of the on-chip memory in Qsys to 128000 bytes, reassigned base addresses, recompiled both the hdl and Nios code and still ran into the same problem. Absolutely no benefit to doubling the size of the on-chip memory. It sure seems like I'm running out of program memory but I can't figure out how to increase the size of program memory if doubling the size of the on-chip memory doesn't work. Searching through the Nios II documentation hasn't given me any easy answers yet. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give.  



I'm running Qsys 16.0 Build 211
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