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How to permanently store NIOS code into FPGA

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I have a NIOS II hardware system and 'C' code. How does one store it permanently into the FPGA 

so that on power-up the embedded processor will begin to execute it? 

Does one create a ROM and store it there? Somehow it seems the code will have to be given to 




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It depends on the size of the code, the amount of memory (on chip and off) that you've allocated to Nios II and where you want that code to run. Where does the Nios II start running code from? 


Typically, you have some sort of flash device that stores the FPGA image. You could use that same flash to store the Nios II code either as a separate image that would get loaded by the Nios II into RAM on power on/reset. If the Nios II code is small enough, you could also make it reside in an on chip this case it could be pulled into Quartus II via a hex file. 


There are instructions for doing this multiple places on both Altera's site(s) and the inter-web, in general. 


Good luck! 


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