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How to run Nios program out of SRAM

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I am a beginer, and I was using a very old version of NIOS II, version 1.0. I made some changes in the processors code. Now I want to load the code in the SRAM and update the NIOS II to v11 as well. 


I believe I have built the project in the newer version already, but now I am having a hard time to "download" the new program back to the SRAM. I dont know what steps to take... 


obs:I am not using the dev board...all that I have is the PC's serial port connected to the FPGA... 


Any help will be very appreciated
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Its difficult to make specific suggestions based on the description you provided. Note of course that the linker script assigns the various program sections to each of the memory regions. Later nios2-download can be used to install your test program into memory. There is a linker script tab in the bsp gui.

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