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IOWR problem

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Hello every body 

I have problem in using the IOWR function in my code; 

the problem is my code doesnot work when I write on base address 0 in my hardware as: 

IOWR(AES_0_BASE,0,0); // doesnot work 

but it work if i changed the base address to 32 as 

IOWR(AES_0_BASE,32,0); // work proberly 


however it also didnot work if i use :# define Cipherkey2_BASE AES_0_BASE+32 


and i canot write on this base address as follow 


IOWR(Cipherkey2_BASE,32,0); // doesnot work 


what is the problem.
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At a guess the address offset is sometimes multipled by 4. 

The last line you are also trying to add the offset twice. 

Personally i don't think the Altera IOWRxxx() do anything other than hide what is going on. 

I also suspect you want to do 32bit accesses, I thought there was an IOWR32().
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