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IPS case No. 00289881, NIOS Elf download issue


I am posting this question to FAE based on the instruction received from IPS system thru email.

My support case No. 00289881, was lost in the support system while the system is being upgraded. Kindly, make necessary arrangements to resume the same.

Based on the last communication, with the application engineer, who reviewed the materials related to the case, the issue is identified as timing related & recommended for the attention of a timing expert.

Pls. consider the above, in resuming the case.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi CKaru,


I am looking at the IPS case history, let me review it and get back to you.




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Hi CKaru,

I have looked into the IPS case details. Few things.

  1. You mentioned you have an Error while downloading ELF file using Eclipse, I can't find the image for the Error that you are receiving. I believe you are receiving the Error while downloading ELF, which seems more like a configuration issue. Check if you can detect the device in Quartus Programmer.
  2. I understand you mentioned ES Devkit for Reflex devkit you are able to run design successfully but not on Production device. (I believe you need to contact Reflex on this as this seems to be a hardware issue to me)
  3. As for running NIOS processor at 100Mhz (clock output from PCIe) please review if the clocks are constrained properly (in this PCIe output clocks) and your design is meeting timing requirements. You may refer to a short video on Timequest usage. ""


I hope this helps you to proceed with your debug.





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