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Implementing UPnP


I'm a student on an internship working on a small project by myself for work. However, I'm starting to feel that FPGA's using UPnP is the way to go with this rather than knowing the host PC's IP from the start as you can't guarantee a customer would (This is no way guaranteed to ever be market ready, but it'll be sent to the SkunkWorks if I can do a decent enough job, so I want to build it with the assumption that a random user doesn't know what an IP is). I have to develop a system where I have a bunch of microcontrollers controlling buttons/LEDs/maybe a mini display/etc, but they have to be controlled by a single PC. I had previously done this using Raspberry Pi's but if the company wants to move forward with using it I have to switch to FPGA, which is fine and a good excuse for me to stop solely using Python. (Also considering trying Verilog as I've only used VHDL up until now).


After doing research into Ethernet thanks to FPGA4Fun I have a general idea as to how Ethernet works at an FPGA level. Previously I had been just arping a network to find Pi's based on their MAC addresses, which I imagine might not fly with some network admins. Thus, UPnP seems to be the best way to go about this, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to implement it. If anyone has any advice or information about it, I would greatly appreciate it. I've yet to buy any FPGAs either, but it's the company's money so it is allowed to get moderately pricey but I have no idea what my limit is. I work in Tokyo, so luckily there are a fair few stores that sell FPGAs which I'd prefer to check out in person rather than ordering online.

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Hi Jwill, there is no UPnP solution from Intel FPGA as I can see. The Intel FPGA Ethernet IP offer the Physical and Data link (MAC) layer support as per the IEEE 802.3 standard. The UPnP should be implement above the Data link layer (per OSI model) and which is more software oriented design.


Here is the Intel FPGA Ethernet support centers that you can refer to:


Regards -SK​

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@rareskyfive You should cite the source for your answer to this three year old thread rather than resort to plagiarism.   This is a tactic that a lot of spammers use.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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