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Install linux 2.6 for nios?

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I would like to install the new linux kernel for nios, but I have not yet got my nios II development kit.  


When I try to install it, it says that it could not find Altera Nios II Development kit. 


Do I have to wait for my Nios II Development kit?? 


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Jimmi Wolff
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Hi Jimmi, 


The current version of the download looks for a Nios II install. We will be working on carving out the kernel next week to make it more accessible to those waiting for their Nios II kits in the mail. 


Mike Esch, the manager for the port, is away this week but I'm sure he will be able to say more next week about what we might be able to do with the distribution in the short term. 


Best regards, 

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