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Interfacing uOLED Display to Cyclone V HPS

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I am new to Programming. I have to write a code to interface an uOLED Display int the HPS of Cyclone V. I have know idea how to go about it. Please share some data or video regarding this. 




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Hi Kba, 


Which interface you are going to use? 

For reference design check the below link. 

While coding take-care  

1. Check the properties of the monitor and adjust the properties of the monitor as per code or modify the code (Resolution,Vsync,Hsync). 

2. Check the monitor is using interlace or progressive scanning. 

3. Check the Timing Vsync, Hsync, Pexel clock & porch. 

4. Only write a code for solid pattern i.e white/black. 

5.Proper hardware setup (connection). 

Without proper sync signals monitor will not display and it will go to sleep mode. 


For sample full projects at terasic website. 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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