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Interniche and 2 eth interfaces

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I try to put in service the second eth interface on my HW. 

Interniche data structure should support several eth interface but it's not clear how i can custumize the sw. 

For example is S91_DEVICES define shows the number of eth interfaces? Now, I must modify S91_DEVICES from 2 to 1 for handling two eth interface and modify the get_mac_addr() and get_ip_addr() so to retrieve the correct value in according with the correct eth instance. 

Modify also s91_port_prep() in according to system.h file for HW address. 

Is correct? is sufficent only this or I need to customize other data structure or function?  

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Altera has not tested interniche+NIOS II with more than 1 eth interface so ... I've a It possible configure Iniche for 2 or more Eth interface? 

In the standard Iniche SW suite included in "Eclipse packet" I see a comment about that the stack is able to handling only one eth. 

Someone as found a similar problem ?????
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