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Issue wile reading the programing the bin file

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My task is to read the complete bin file sent from a remote webserver, and then do the firmware update. I am working on NiosII CYCLONE III processor and this is also having the inbuilt webserver functionlaity which can do the firmware update. The firmware update feature if initated from the webserver was working fine. The same pice of code i reused for my task where in the board becomes the client and will accept the bin file from a remote server. Once the bin file is completly stored in the heap memory, then i am calling the flash erase, program and read functions. During this time i am observing that the factory image is detecting a configuration error and loading the system with default image. I am following the same procedure how it was done in webserver but could not find any sucess. Can any one help me out saying what wrong i am doing or i am missing out some thing. 



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