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Issue with generating NIOS 2 BSP

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 I wrote a script to create a software project (hello_world) and compile my own files, and then, create the bsp. But, there is an error in nios2-bsp-create-settings, and it is not possible to read this file. Here is the detail of the error:


INFO: Generating: ./quartus/software/ov_software_bsp/create-this-bsp
INFO: Generating: ./quartus/software/ov_software/create-this-app
create-this-bsp: Running "nios2-bsp hal . ../../ov_ci.sopcinfo --cpu-name CPU"
nios2-bsp: Using /home/tsa/intelFPGA_pro/19.1/nios2eds/sdk2/bin/bsp-set-defaults.tcl to set system-dependent settings.
nios2-bsp: Creating new BSP because ./settings.bsp doesn't exist.
nios2-bsp: Running "nios2-bsp-create-settings --sopc ../../ov_ci.sopcinfo --type hal --settings ./settings.bsp --bsp-dir . --script /home/tsa/intelFPGA_pro/19.1/nios2eds/sdk2/bin/bsp-set-defaults.tcl --cpu-name CPU"
SEVERE: javax/activation/DataSource
SEVERE: nios2-bsp-create-settings failed.
nios2-bsp: nios2-bsp-create-settings failed
nios2-bsp hal . ../../ov_ci.sopcinfo --cpu-name CPU failed
create-this-bsp failed


Also, I attached the shell scripts that I am running for this purpose.

I will be thankful if someone can identify the problem and help me.

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Hi @Mahdi,


Thank you for posting in Intel community forum and hope this message find you well.
Based on the error message we are suspecting that there might be some missing data source.
As we have no visibilities in the project, would suggest to create the hello world project from the template and compare the files which might give us some insight.
Or perhaps convenient for you to share the project and BSP for further investigation.


Best Wishes


Hi @Mahdi,


Greetings, unfortunately as we do not receive any further clarification on what is provided. Hence would assume that issues are resolved and thread will now be transitioned to community support where community users will further help you with doubts in this thread. For new queries, please feel free to open a new thread and we will be right with you. Pleasure having you here.


Best Wishes