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LCD 16207 doesn't work with enabled reduced device drivers

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Hello all,  


I want to show in the LCD the stdout withe the lcd 16207 ip. When I run the program withouth check enabled reduced device drivers, everything goes fine.  


The problem is that I need to check the enabled reduced device drivers (i have to do it) and then doesn't run. 


In the Optrex 16207 LCD Controller Core is written: 

The LCD controller drivers are not included in the system library when the  

Reduced device drivers option is enabled for the system library. If you want to use the LCD  


controller while using small drivers for other devices, add the preprocessor option— 

DALT_USE_LCD_16207 to the preprocessor options." 


I dont know where is this option, here there is a solution: but i cant find in the 13.13 


I am using a cyclone II development board. 


Thank you very much 

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I solved it. Just go to and add ALT_CPPFLAGS += -your_driver

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