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Library conflicts in web edition

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I've run into an annoying issue with Quartus II on my linux laptop. 


So the altera software all requires its own specific versions of various libraries, which is fine once you get it working, but then you encounter another problem: Any process which is spawned by Quartus inherits the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and therefore tries to link against the altera versions of the libraries. 


In particular this means when I tell Quartus that chromium is my browser, it tries to open chromium but chromium dies because although libstdc++ is the right version, it's compiled with an incompatible ABI (too old version of GCC or not GCC at all). 


A simple fix for this would be to rename the libraries, so libstdc++ would be renamed libaltera_stdc++. Then you could just throw all of them in your /usr/lib/ or /usr/local/lib and not worry. 


It might actually be feasible for users to do this themselves assuming that Quartus has no DRM that complains if you alter the binaries like this.
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