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NIOS 2 Debug Connection Issue

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I have recently been having trouble connecting to the debug target. It'll go through the usual motions of downloading and verifying and then it's followed by these console messages: 



<project name> [Nios II Hardware] nios2-download <date/time> 

Using calbe "CV SoCKit [USB-1]",j device 1, instance 0x00 

Processor is already paused 

Reading System ID at address 0x00011140: verified 

Listening on port 49225 for connection from GDB: 59s???accepted 

<project name> [Nios II Hardware] nios2-elf-gdb <date/time> 

Reading symbols from <directory>/<elf file>...done. 



And then it just kind of hangs out. In the debug window it displays: 



<project name> [Nios II Hardware] 

-Altera CDI GDB Debugger <date/time>-Thread[1] (Running) 


-<terminated, exit value: 0> nios2-download <date/time> 

-nios2-download <date/time> 

-nios2-elf-gdb <date/time> 





When it hangs, it is highlighting a line in the file crt0.S inside of an# else: 

"movui r2, NIOS2_DCACHE_SIZE" 



If I pause the debugger, it then shows the stack trace as: 


"1 <symbol is not available> 0x00000000" 



So that's what I'm seeing and I'm not understanding why. For some context, my team member that does all of 

the Qsys stuff said that this began after he added an interrupt to the project that occurs at a 

specific frequency. 



Any ideas?
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While we never figured out why this was happening, we did somehow get rid of it by going back a build and then moving forward (I assume a bit differently).

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