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NIOS II Custom Instruction CRC

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I am trying to get the custom instruction set to compile, but can not solve following issues.. 


1.I try to create the CRC components, as per given in Nios II Custom Instruction User Guide - Implementing a Nios II Custom Instruction in Qsys . 

I am using Quartus17.0 prime lite edition, and the DE2-115 board with cyclone IV E. First, I tried on windows 10, but it doesn't work. When I am trying to configure .sof file in FPGA the error is coming like "JTAG Cable not detected" . 

2.I tried on Windows XP. As given in PDF and Readme text, I am able to compile and configure on FPGA through NIOS2-eds command shell.  

The problem I am facing is that , when I am giving the command ./create-this-app the error is coming like .bsf file is failed to generate. 

The difference in the procedure given in PDF and my implementation is the device, I am choosing is CYCLONE IV E. So, please give me insight regarding ,are there any changes required other than given in PDF. How I can resolve this issue? 


I am using the following files: 

Nios II Custom Instruction User Guide  

Design Files for Nios II Custom Instruction User Guide  


Thank you in advance
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