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NIOS II system + PWM logic

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Hi everyone!! 


I am quite new designing systems with FPGAs, VHDL and NIOS II and this is my first post in this forum. 


I am trying to develop a system with a NIOS II system + some PWMs developed using VHDL. 

The problema is that I am not sure how to control this PWMs modelues with my system I mean, how to create the SIGNALs to comunicate this VHDL logic from NIOS II system. 


First I though about PIO but those seem to be used to comunicate FPGA with external devices. 


Another issue I have is that I am not sure how to use the UART implemented from Qsys and how to develop an application in C. I don't know what are the diferrent commands or directives to send or receive data. 

I saw and write one example from a web I found but it is quite simple and doesn't provide enough info for my application. 


Can anyone help with this?? 



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