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NIOS2 gcc c++ standard library

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Hi there, 


i am using Quartus 16.1 with gcc version 5.3. If i want to compile a simple project with c++ standard libraries, i'll get a linker error that the memory size is about 615000Bytes too small. That happens with also with all others STL containers. Has anyone else this problem or had anyone similar issues? 

I dont know what other information i can give you to explain why this happens, but no clue. I made a BSP, compiled it (no errors) and made a new NIOS Application and tried to use std::string -> error. If i make a C++ Application without strings everything is fine.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. If maybe more info is needed say so :) 





main.cpp looks like this: 


#include <string> using namespace std; int main() { string s = "Hello World!"; return 0; } 



Maybe I should ask differently: Has anybody experience with developing software for the NIOS II target in C++ and has used some of the STL containers / strings? And maybe knows if there were some special settings that had to be made?
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