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Need urgent help with a simple NIOS II project


Hello everybody.


I am in a difficult situation. I have a NIOS 2 project I need to finish, but I do not have the time to finish it. I am looking for someone who could either do it for me, or help me do this.. I can offer you £100 if you do this for me. The deadline is 15th May.

I attached a small pdf with what needs be done. It's simple but I don't know the NIOS II environment enough to do this. I will give you more info if you can help me. It uses the NIOS II tutorial and I have already done that bit. What I need to do is add the SRAM/SDRAM modules to use in the DE2 board...


Thank you


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​Hi, my name is Hazlina and I am the manager for an Intel engineering team who provide support to the customers to this forum. I apologize in the delay responding to your enquiries. Your question has apparently caught a bug on this forum where it does not get assigned to any valid topic. Because of this, none of our support engineers assigned to support your question and other users can't easily see your post as well. I apologize for the inconvenience but rest assured that we will fix this forums bug in September this year.


It appears to me that you are requesting for someone to complete a Nios 2 design project for you. Our Intel support engineers do not offer this service. If you would like other community to look into this request, can you please repost this question on the right forums topic? Here is the link to it: Thanks.

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